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The Legend of the Doctors Note

I found a new job recently, and I remember the orientation day very well. Actually, our orientation was only three weeks ago, so how could I forget it? I was so excited to start working, because I lost my job last year due to cutbacks, and I’ve had nothing to do, but sit on unemployment since then. Don’t get me wrong, I like getting money that I don’t have to work for, but I didn’t feel good about it, and I didn’t feel good about myself. Anyways, I looked around; I applied for so many places, and finally, I landed a very good job. Fake the state of your health as an excuse to leave work early.

I’m an IT person at a credit card company, and I helped with anything to do with computers, software, and so on. I mention the orientation day, because when the instructor first walk through the door, the first thing he said is, “if you don’t want to be here, there’s the door, walk out now! If you plan on being sick in the next month, there’s the door, walked out now!” I really held on to the second part of what the instructor said, because it seemed a bit unfair, I mean how can you predict when you’re going to get sick?

I swear the second statement the instructor made, was meant for me, because three weeks later, I’m sick as a dog, and cannot get out of bed. I take that back, I can get out of bed, but only to throw up and then stagger back to bed and pass out. This has been going on since late last night, and I have three hours before work, and things are not getting better. I do remember though, that I spoke with the instructor afterwards, and asked about the whole sick thing. I asked him, “if you are genuinely sick, what do you do?” If you need an amazing doctors note, look no further than

components of a doctor's notes

A sample of an effective Dr. notes

I laughed when his answer was, “get a doctor’s note, or don’t bother coming in the next day.” So I asked him another question, “so a doctor’s note would be the only thing to excuse us from missing a day, if we are sick?” His reply was, “yes.” I thought nothing of it, because I rarely get sick, so it shouldn’t be a problem for me. I guess when you brag about something too much, then you tend to lose it. I was just talking to my best friend about how healthy I always am, and how I never get sick, only to be throwing up the same night!

LEarn to make your own fake doctor’s note and use it to get home early.

I swear this is like karma telling me to shut up and be humble about my health, or lose it! I do have a doctor, and I can get a note, but I feel it’s a bit unfair to have to go to the doctor every time I’m sick, especially if it’s something as simple as throwing up. Let’s not even mention my high co-pay! I just got this job though, and I really do want to keep it, it’s not easy to get such a good job in my area, with such great pay. I guess I will have to try to sleep through the rest of the night. I’ll call the office as soon as it opens, and go to my doctor in the afternoon, if they’ll accept me.

I woke up right after 8 a.m., and called the office. They were not happy to hear about my pending absence. I was even put on hold, and the same instructor, who also occasionally works in the office, just so happened to be there. He said with a stern voice into the phone, “make sure you get a doctors excuse.” I put down the phone, threw up once more, then dialed my doctor right away! You might want to read more here:

Things to Remember When Faking a Doctor’s Note

When a worker or student misses school or work and upon returning provides a highly decorated doctor’s note, it becomes the job of the school administrator and employer to verify the note or take the person’s word that he or she was indeed sick. Sometimes to avoid the risk or embarrassment or disciplinary action, a few administrators don’t even bother double checking the validity of these notes. However, on a few occasions, employees and students are unknowingly caught red handed when the blank doctors notes don’t coincide with the day they claim to be sick. Plus there are times the note exaggerates an illness the complainant claims to be inflicted with. This article will illustrate a few ways in which this doctor’s note idea can backfire on its recipients and details to verify in order to avoid this.

A bad instance of fake doctor’s notes is when enough care isn’t given to the situation to make it seem as real as possible. For example, if you are giving a written note, please get your doctor’s name and particulars correct. The note should be a real ailment the exist in real life with actual corresponding medication being prescribed. In other words, you should not be diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and prescribed TUMS. If you use a fake doctor’s note from the internet, remember to adjust the template provided online to suit your specific condition, or you can just get a doctor’s note at randy and moss and receive tips and ideas how to make your condition look real.  You can learn a ton more at

For best result provide your personal doctor with the internet form for him or her to make whatever modification to it (this scenario is in a perfect world and might never work in ours). Be certain, however, that you are using a real doctor who can be researched and found. You might loose Dr. Brown as your personal doctor if his credentials and integrity is used in this unethical manner. Some clients go as far as just create a doctor and some medication and hope everything will slide. This is never the way to go.

Try as much as possible to stay out of the public eye when you are “sick”. Going out of town is not sufficient, your boss (or someone close to him/her who knows you) might be vacationing at the same hotel. Maybe out of the country is the safest. You never know who you will run into when you stick around town. You cannot be sick and roaming the streets that you normally travel on a day to day basis. This also includes and not limited to shopping centers, hair salons, bars, strip clubs, gaming rooms etc. Also if you run into anyone that is associated with school or work let them in on the scam is if will not work against you. The last thing you want is a friend yelling out at work around other superiors that they thought you could have held your liquor yesterday (when you were suppose to be sick).

Finally, remember what is written on your excuse form as well as the extent of your injury. In other words you cannot come into work with a bandaged leg when you were treated for a broken finger. Keep it simple not creative. There is an easy doctor’s note template which you can get from the net. This is quick to use since you’ll have to input just a few data like name, signature, date, and address. Learn more about doctors’ notes at

I personally recommend that you get your notes only from because they really know what these notes are and when is the right time to use it! Not like in other sites, which after taking your money, leaves you with the risks.


Is Buying a Fake Doctors Excuse Note for School a Good Thing to Do?

The main reason as to why people seek for doctors excuses is simply because they would like to escape work or school activities in any way possible. Many schools have very strict attendance policies.  You will find out that some of them would like to escape certain working sessions or learning lessons in school because of their selfish reasons. Many at times, when they find out that they are not legible to them, they opt to get the fake ones. Even though some may be genuine there are various groups of people who literally want to boycott their day to day routines by going for the fake ones. If you want a doctors excuse note, look at this page.


It is actually difficult to judge whether it is a good thing to purchase an alibi or not since it all depends with the inner self of someone. To some, they may view it as a good idea while others may not see any essence of doing the same. In both cases, there are various reasons attached to them depending on the circumstances around the individuals. Click here to learn more.

Why people do not see the essence of doing such an act may be could be because they believe it lowers the ethics of an individual. The lies that one uses when acquiring them are seen by some people as not a good thing one should do. Anyway, it is up to you to choose what to do but it is good to avoid the fake doctor excuse at all costs.

Why you should use a fake doctor’s note

Believe it or not there are legit reasons for wanting a fake doctors note. For example, I recently went to the doctor for an illness and needed a note. The doctor forgot to give it to me at the end of my visit. This was not my normal doctor and they insisted that they could not write me a note without paying for another visit. I absolutely was not going to pay hundreds of dollars for a doctor’s note. Now I had a problem, because I missed an exam being sick, the absence would cause me to get a zero with no potential for a makeup exam. is a great site for fake doctors notes.

I thought about writing a free fake doctor note but what if my professor tries to call the doctor and confirm? I considered having my friends and family pretend to be the doctor but they are unreliable. But my friends and family have other things to do then baby sit their phone. Plus no one wants to burden family or friends for something that you could have someone else cheaply do it! Most likely they would answer casually and they would immediately know something is not up. Now I would be in much bigger trouble for technically violating my school’s cheating policy. I did not want to risk this. So I did not use a fake note and in the end it worked out, but it would have been much easier if I would just have paid for a fake doctors note at a place like nebdec.. I really wish I knew that there was a service out there that specializes in writing fake doctor notes.

Sometimes, you can’t control a situation and can’t avoid facing it. We call these as emergencies and it affects our capacity to go to work.  In excusing ourselves from being absent, we might need a little help from businesses that sells Dr note for work. We can use this templates to get back to work without being subjected to doubt by our employers. To acquire the perfect excuse note you must go to

A situation like this is more calamitous in the work place where you could be reprimanded, demoted or even fired. There are thousands of legitimate reasons for someone to lie and call in sick for work when they are not. Maybe you made a mistake, it does not matter. You should not have to risk losing your job over something trivial and small like this. This is why a professional is great to have. Someone that will pretend to be a doctor’s office in case your boss calls is invaluable. You will not be able to reproduce the proper grammar and wording no matter how great you think your personal doctor’s note template is. Save yourself the trouble and go with a professional quality. Check out

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