The Legend of the Doctors Note

I found a new job recently, and I remember the orientation day very well. Actually, our orientation was only three weeks ago, so how could I forget it? I was so excited to start working, because I lost my job last year due to cutbacks, and I’ve had nothing to do, but sit on unemployment since then. Don’t get me wrong, I like getting money that I don’t have to work for, but I didn’t feel good about it, and I didn’t feel good about myself. Anyways, I looked around; I applied for so many places, and finally, I landed a very good job. Fake the state of your health as an excuse to leave work early.

I’m an IT person at a credit card company, and I helped with anything to do with computers, software, and so on. I mention the orientation day, because when the instructor first walk through the door, the first thing he said is, “if you don’t want to be here, there’s the door, walk out now! If you plan on being sick in the next month, there’s the door, walked out now!” I really held on to the second part of what the instructor said, because it seemed a bit unfair, I mean how can you predict when you’re going to get sick?

I swear the second statement the instructor made, was meant for me, because three weeks later, I’m sick as a dog, and cannot get out of bed. I take that back, I can get out of bed, but only to throw up and then stagger back to bed and pass out. This has been going on since late last night, and I have three hours before work, and things are not getting better. I do remember though, that I spoke with the instructor afterwards, and asked about the whole sick thing. I asked him, “if you are genuinely sick, what do you do?” If you need an amazing doctors note, look no further than

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I laughed when his answer was, “get a doctor’s note, or don’t bother coming in the next day.” So I asked him another question, “so a doctor’s note would be the only thing to excuse us from missing a day, if we are sick?” His reply was, “yes.” I thought nothing of it, because I rarely get sick, so it shouldn’t be a problem for me. I guess when you brag about something too much, then you tend to lose it. I was just talking to my best friend about how healthy I always am, and how I never get sick, only to be throwing up the same night!

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I swear this is like karma telling me to shut up and be humble about my health, or lose it! I do have a doctor, and I can get a note, but I feel it’s a bit unfair to have to go to the doctor every time I’m sick, especially if it’s something as simple as throwing up. Let’s not even mention my high co-pay! I just got this job though, and I really do want to keep it, it’s not easy to get such a good job in my area, with such great pay. I guess I will have to try to sleep through the rest of the night. I’ll call the office as soon as it opens, and go to my doctor in the afternoon, if they’ll accept me.

I woke up right after 8 a.m., and called the office. They were not happy to hear about my pending absence. I was even put on hold, and the same instructor, who also occasionally works in the office, just so happened to be there. He said with a stern voice into the phone, “make sure you get a doctors excuse.” I put down the phone, threw up once more, then dialed my doctor right away! You might want to read more here:


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