Things to Remember When Faking a Doctor’s Note

When a worker or student misses school or work and upon returning provides a highly decorated doctor’s note, it becomes the job of the school administrator and employer to verify the note or take the person’s word that he or she was indeed sick. Sometimes to avoid the risk or embarrassment or disciplinary action, a few administrators don’t even bother double checking the validity of these notes. However, on a few occasions, employees and students are unknowingly caught red handed when the blank doctors notes don’t coincide with the day they claim to be sick. Plus there are times the note exaggerates an illness the complainant claims to be inflicted with. This article will illustrate a few ways in which this doctor’s note idea can backfire on its recipients and details to verify in order to avoid this.

A bad instance of fake doctor’s notes is when enough care isn’t given to the situation to make it seem as real as possible. For example, if you are giving a written note, please get your doctor’s name and particulars correct. The note should be a real ailment the exist in real life with actual corresponding medication being prescribed. In other words, you should not be diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and prescribed TUMS. If you use a fake doctor’s note from the internet, remember to adjust the template provided online to suit your specific condition, or you can just get a doctor’s note at randy and moss and receive tips and ideas how to make your condition look real.  You can learn a ton more at

For best result provide your personal doctor with the internet form for him or her to make whatever modification to it (this scenario is in a perfect world and might never work in ours). Be certain, however, that you are using a real doctor who can be researched and found. You might loose Dr. Brown as your personal doctor if his credentials and integrity is used in this unethical manner. Some clients go as far as just create a doctor and some medication and hope everything will slide. This is never the way to go.

Try as much as possible to stay out of the public eye when you are “sick”. Going out of town is not sufficient, your boss (or someone close to him/her who knows you) might be vacationing at the same hotel. Maybe out of the country is the safest. You never know who you will run into when you stick around town. You cannot be sick and roaming the streets that you normally travel on a day to day basis. This also includes and not limited to shopping centers, hair salons, bars, strip clubs, gaming rooms etc. Also if you run into anyone that is associated with school or work let them in on the scam is if will not work against you. The last thing you want is a friend yelling out at work around other superiors that they thought you could have held your liquor yesterday (when you were suppose to be sick).

Finally, remember what is written on your excuse form as well as the extent of your injury. In other words you cannot come into work with a bandaged leg when you were treated for a broken finger. Keep it simple not creative. There is an easy doctor’s note template which you can get from the net. This is quick to use since you’ll have to input just a few data like name, signature, date, and address. Learn more about doctors’ notes at

I personally recommend that you get your notes only from because they really know what these notes are and when is the right time to use it! Not like in other sites, which after taking your money, leaves you with the risks.



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